Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mulberry 'shoe' and 'chick'...

Mulberries are in season... I am quite perplex with this plant in that they do not seem to flower. It is like, suddenly, you see the fruits forming. We bought two plants from the local supermarket when they drastically reduced the price... why not, we thought. And it has turned out to be an excellent investment. Fruits are plentiful and the harvesting season, pretty long... we have to make preserves out of them as we cannot eat them all when they mature.

The picture above... looks like a chick, doesn't it?  

And this second picture, a shoe perhaps?


The third shot shows some un-matured fruits. Colors are more attractive, but the taste, sourish...


  1. cute...chick shoe!

    What do you usually do with this mulberry sir? Eat it along with yoghurt? Or cereal is it? Berries are good source of anti-oxidant.

  2. with yoghurt, we eat it fresh but it actually taste better as a preserve... we use a little bt of brown sugar when making the preserve... more healthy...