Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harvesting sweet potatoes

I know, this photo is a bit off-season...
Tried my hand at growing sweet potatoes last summer.
'Naruto Kintoki' is what they call this specie.
Harvested them in early November last year.
Wooh, the joy of pulling those giant potatoes out from the soil...
They needed to be put in a dry place, away from the direct sun, for at least a week so as to allow them to 'sweeten' up.
Gave away some to neighbors and friends.
Still, took us months to slowly enjoy nibbling on them.
On hindsight, we should have harvested them earlier, as in mid October.
As such, we will not be overwhelmed too much by their size.
Will certainly continue to plant these goodies this season.
They really taste good, and they are easy to grow.

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