Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sakuras a-blooming

Sakura blooms normally last about a week.
This year, due to the rather unusual cold and rainy weather, it was reported that blooms stayed on for up to 15 days.
The sakura tree in our compound normally begins to bloom a few days 'late'.
So we get the pleasure of seeing the flowers even after the other sakura trees shed their petals.
This last weekend, we took a walk in the woods on the east side of our house.
It was actually the first time for me to walk over there.
And the view of the sakura tree and our house from there was quite magnificent, I must say...
We paused for a while to enjoy a view of the hamlet...
Kites (top right) are very common here.
Was 'lucky' to see two of them copulating just meters away from my vegetable garden the other day.
It was over in perhaps 30 seconds. 
Meanwhile, planted black soy bean seeds, sweet corn seeds, and sponge gourd seeds. 
Some of the seeds I planted last week are already sprouting... wooh...