Sunday, July 26, 2009

Empty heart vegetables, potatoes, loquats

Bought some vegetable seeds from Bangkok last March.
Here is one result of that effort.
'Kangkung' in Malaysian, or 'kuu shin sai' in Japanese (literally, 'empty heart vegetable').
Taste great stir-fried with garlic and anchovies...

Planted one kilogram of seed potatoes early last spring.
Managed to harvest about 6 kilos of it.
Not too bad for a first attempt.
Love it with chicken curry, or as a salad with other vegetables.

Harvested quite a heap of Japanese loquats again this year.
Must say that this fruit is fast becoming one of my favorites, along with figs and persimmon.
And the seeds apparently have high B17(?) content which is supposedly a good anti-cancer element...

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